Goran Djeric, is coming from renowned family of Hairstylist in Europe. Goran's most important mentors in professional as well as personal development are his Father, who is the salon owner for more then 30 years, and his Uncle who won Hairstylist World Cup in 1975.

At the age of sixteen Goran signed up for a four year school of hairstyling in Europe. Meanwhile, he was an apprentice at his father's and later on at his uncle's salon. Very fast he was noticed by his professors as being exceptional in hair cutting and hair coloring.

After just one year being in industry Goran started to compete in various National Championships. Within five years of competing Goran won numerous awards both as a Junior and Senior stylist.

In 1995, Goran became the youngest salon manager in newly open Studio "SOBOTA" where his uncle gave him utmost trust. This was an opportunity for Goran to get involved and receive further education by most prestigious Hair Academy's in the world such as; Vidal Sassoon and Tony and Guy. At the age of 22, Goran decided to leave this well established studio and open his first salon in Belgrade, Serbia. This was the most challenging and at the same time most rewarding period in Goran's early career. In Goran's 10 year period of running his own salon, he educated some of today's leading stylists in Serbia.

Year 2000, was another significant period in Goran's well established career. This is when Goran cross path with Mr. Silvio Pilillini, founder of Hair Resource organic hair and skin products. The wonderful world of natural and organic way of living become part of Goran's every day routine. Finally, hair got meaning and was no longer just a decorative detail, but also a powerful medium through which human beings express their inner state and communicating . Through centuries our hair has a way of showing us our powerful, seductive, serious and/or gentle side of human beings. Naturally, different choice of products was needed to support new Organic philosophy. For many years Mr. Pillilini was trying to improve existing lines with his expertise and knowledge. Finally,  he came up with a line of his own. In the meantime, Goran decided to expand his life experience and emerge a new culture away from Europe.

In early 2006, Goran arrived to Seattle, WA. His unique skills and knowledge were promptly recognized at the first salon in Kirkland, WA. Clientele base was rapidly growing and brought him to his next move to an upscale salon in Bellevue, where after only 4 months Goran became a salon manager. At the same time Goran started his Hair Resource Company and first bottles of  true organic products started to arrive in United States. Finally, all hard work started to pay off, first educative center and salon was open in Bellevue in 2010.

After number of years of collaborative relationship with Hair Resource products, that have awaken Goran's holistic approach to hair, Goran is happy to transfer his knowledge to you at his current Hair Resource Organic Salon.