• How often should I cut my hair if I am growing it out?

The answer depends if your hair is virgin or chemically treated. If your hair is virgin, we recommend every 3-5 months, of course with support of Organic hair care products.

If your hair has been chemically treated, this would depend on severity of damage.

  • How often should I wash my hair?

If you are using good Organic hair products, we recommend that you wash your hair daily. This will cleanse daily impurities that your body excretes, as well as the pollution from our atmosphere. 

  • Can I use styling products?

Yes, you can. But, you need to insure that you are using good Organic finishing and styling products. Good Organic product should not contain any of the following: silicones, thioglycolic acid, petro chemicals, parabens, PPD(p-Phenylenediamine), or nano particles.

  • Can I use curling/flat iron on my hair?

Using curling or flat iron on your hair is not recommended on daily basis. Especially, if you are using products with silicone or any other type of oils that are in so called "heat protection" products. Think about it: when you are frying piece of meat in a pan, you use oil as a conductor between the meat and the frying pan. Oil does not protect the meat, on contrary, it slowly burns. 

  • Can I dye my hair while pregnant and/or breast feeding?

No. Absolutely not. Each hair shaft is directly connected to your blood stream, through papilla (roots at the end of each hair follicle). Each hair has a channel called medulla (which channels through the Hair Shaft). Medulla has capillary properties which transfer everything from your hair (products, pollution, etc.) into your blood stream. This means that even if you do hair foiling and do not apply dye directly onto your scalp, it will still transfer into your blood stream and interfere with proper body functions. Scientist have found traces of elements of ammonia in mother's milk, 24 hours after dye application. This is why dying your hair is not healthy at all, pregnant or not.




  • Can I use henna on my hair?

No. Henna is a plant with metallic pigments. Metallic  pigments continue to oxides even after rinsing Henna from your hair. This results in slowly burning and breaking the hair. The reaction is even stronger if you apply a permanent dye or perming solution after using Henna.     

  • What to do if I have significant hair loss?

If you notice increased hair loss during Spring and Fall seasons, this is a normal occurrence due to the change of daylight exposure. This occurrence usually lasts around couple of weeks. If you are experiencing increased hair loss outside of the change during the daylight exposure, you might have hair loss problem. There can be number of reasons that cause hair loss: stress, medications/therapy you are on, recent surgeries, change in diet (especially, if you are going vegan), hormonal changes, iron deficiency,  excessive product build ups, using shampoos with Sodium Laureth and Lauryl sulfate, etc. Resolution to hair loss issue is to address the cause and not treat the symptoms.